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Yotpo Vs. aveJana

Yotpo is very expensive. AveJana is a Yotpo alternatives that provides the same features as Yotpo at a fraction of the cost. We are best suited for your growing business. You can pay us monthly. We don’t require annual contracts. Switch to AveJana today and feel the difference!

AveJana your Yotpo Alternatives

avejana vs yotpo features

AveJana has all the features of Yotpo without the Exorbitant Pricing.

Automated Review Generation

AveJana automates Authentic Review generation for your online store by sending out review invitations and reminders to your customers at periodic interval. The result is more Reviews.

Inmail Form Technology

AveJana’s Inmail form technology generates up to 9x more reviews.

Smart Reminders

Avejana automatically sends up to two smart reminders to your customers who have not given reviews. The reminders are stopped if customer has given the review. Such intuitive technology is why AveJana is the best among Yotpo Competitors.

Inline SEO

AveJana has Inline SEO which ensures that search engines can easily crawl your reviews. Increases qualified traffic to your website. That is why it the most awesome among Yotpo Alternatives.

Rich Snippets

AveJana widget is Rich Snippets enabled. Rich snippets ensure you stand out in search results and get more traffic to your website.

Simple & Transparent Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan
    Free monthly
    • Review Generation
    • 75 Review Requests
    • Automatic Mail After Purchase
    • Respond to Reviews
    • Review Display
    • Product Reviews Widget
    • Enable Star Reviews

Best Yotpo Alternatives – Same features at a lower cost!

aveJana is the toughest Yotpo Competitors because it gives all the features at just a fraction of the cost.

Best Yotpo Alternatives – Transparent Pricing

We are the toughest Yotpo Competitors because we have transparent pricing which is same for all customers. We don’t make special deals with special clients.

Best Yotpo Alternatives – Only one Paid Plan

We are the toughest Yotpo Competitors because we have only ONE paid plan. All our new features will also be added to this plan. So as we keep adding more and more interesting stuff, you will get it all.

Save more than $4000/year with aveJana

avejana vs yotpo pricing

Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens to my reviews if I move out of AveJana?

You can download your reviews anytime in Excel, CSV or PDF format from your AveJana account. They are your reviews and you own them.

Can I import my existing Yotpo reviews?

Yes. You can import all your exiting Yotpo Reviews that is why it is the best among Yotpo Alternatives.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes of course. You can sign up and pay monthly. That is why we are the best among Yotpo Competitors.

Where do the Reviews appear?

The reviews appear on your website. If you are using our WooCommerce Plugin or Magento Extensions then they appear on your product pages.

How to reviews generated through AveJana impact our SEO?

AveJana Reviews under the Pro Gallop plan are loaded as a part of your Page. Therefore more fresh reviews leads to more relevant fresh content on the page, giving your website SEO rankings a boost.

Does AveJana support all languages?

Yes, AveJana supports all languages. You might just need to inform you account manager about your preferred language.

Find out more about AveJana Here.

AveJana – The Yotpo Alternatives

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