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Generate 9x More Reviews

aveJana is the best wordpress review plugin. It helps generate up to 9x more reviews than an ordinary review widget.

Our signature InMail form technology lets your customers add their reviews within the email invitation itself. Making it super easy to give reviews, thus generating tons of reviews for you.

Show your Reviews and Improve Conversions!

Customers have learned to tune of out of brand content. They trust the voice of other customers more.

Showcase your reviews and rating on your website with our awesome WordPress Review Plugin & WordPress rating plugin Widget. Get an instant improvement in conversion rates and sales.

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Put Reviews to work. Market Reviews and keep Social Pages Fresh

Our WordPress review plugin and WordPress rating plugin  is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Share your best reviews on your social pages and keep them fresh.

Drive more qualified traffic to your website and extend the reach of your marketing.

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Improve your SEO and Drive More traffic.

Our WordPress Rating Plugin and WordPress reviews plugin  helps you drive more traffic to your website.

Our 3SEO technology, Google Ratings and Rich Snippets help your ratings and reviews rise to the top of search results. Helping you bring in more qualified traffic, convert more and sell more.

Best WordPress Rating Plugin.

What makes us the best? Well, with aveJana we offer every single premium feature to every paid user. Our pricing plans are structured such that they only limit the number of mails that you send out.

This ensures that you get the best features from the very beginning for your business, including Inmail Form Technology, 3SEO Technology, Rich Snippets, et all.

Easy to Install

The best wordpress review plugin should be the easiest to install right? Well it is!

Takes less than 2 minutes to Install our WordPress review plugin  so you can start generating reviews within 2 minutes!

Easy on the Pocket

We have kept the pricing just right! Our pricing plans are made with your success in mind. A tiered Pricing structure ensures you only pay as much as you use AveJana while getting all the features in all plans. You can check :- Yotpo pricing vs  avejana pricing for same feature 

Get Transparent Pricing with AveJana!

  • Free Plan
    Free monthly
    • Review Generation
    • 75 Review Requests
    • Automatic Mail After Purchase
    • Respond to Reviews
    • Review Display
    • Product Reviews Widget
    • Enable Star Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I integrate AveJana with my WordPress website?

AveJana is super easy to integrate with your website. Just go to the your WP Admin and click Add New Plugins. Search for AveJana. You will see the AveJana WordPress Review Plugin here  Install WordPress review plugin, activate it and then add your store ID and Key in the settings section of the Plugin.

That is it. Super Easy.

for more Visit:- how to add WordPress plugin to website 

Do you have a plugin specifically for WordPress sites that do not have WooCommerce?

Yes we have a WordPress Rating Plugin especially for static WordPress websites that are not using Woo Commerce. You would have received a link for it in your sign up email. If you still need help then hit the chat button or send us an email. or visit :-

-> WordPress  product review plugin  

-> WordPress customer review plugin 

How many mails will a customer get if he has ordered 10 products in one single order?

We send out only one email per order. Therefore, if your customer has 10 products in one order then he will get only one mail with requests to review all the products.

Does the reminder mail go even if customer has given the review?

No. We only send out mails to customer who have not given a review. Once they have given a review, reminders are not sent out. That is why we call them Smart Reminders. so we call it best wordpress review plugin.

What happens to my reviews if I decide to leave?

The WordPress review plugin generated reviews belong to you and you own them. You can download them anytime from your AveJana account in CSV, PDF or Excel format.

What happens to my old reviews if I start using AveJana?

You can import all your existing reviews into AveJana word Press review plugin . Just send over a CSV file with the reviews and we will ensure that start showing in your AveJana account.

What all languages does AveJana Support?

Avejana WordPress review plugin support all languages. However, we may seek your help for some translations if required.

What all currencies does AveJana support?

AveJana WordPress review plugin supports all currencies.

aveJana is the Best WordPress Review Plugin!

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