The Best Way to handle Bad Reviews

The Best Way to handle Bad Reviews

Many businesses fear Bad reviews, without realizing that they are easy to deal with and can actually have a positive effect on your business.

In this ultimate guide, we will go in-depth as to how to best leverage Bad reviews for your business.

The Truth About Bad Reviews

It’s impossible to live in a world of 5-star experiences, so why are organisations so scared of Bad reviews?

Firstly, let’s clear some points up:

  • if every person that has actually gotten Bad reviews closed shop, eCommerce just wouldn’t exist.
  • The truth is, anybody that has a service has actually had to take care of at the very least a number of Bad reviews.
  • Now  that’s cleaned up, we could get into the business of why you require Bad reviews.

Bad Reviews ≠ Bad Business

No person likes to see Negative reviews online, and also it’s easy to get involved adverse responses.

Bad review don’t suggest your business is bad . Negative reviews can in fact aid your business. Taking care of Bad reviews is simple (we’ll share some strategies listed below). The most effective way to combat Negative Reviews ? Obtain more excellent ones! This is the comprehensive guide to Negative reviews: just what they indicate, why you require them as well as the best ways to manage them. If when you obtain a Bad review, the most essential thing to remember is that it doesn’t suggest your services or product misbehaves.

Negative Reviews Make Good Reviews Look Better

One of the best side effects of Negative reviews is the positive light they lost on great reviews.

When a business shows all of their User Generated content they prove they have nothing to hide. Sure, some individuals were miserable, however the vast bulk liked the item.

Negative reviews benefit your brand name because they show that all of your reviews are actual.

  • A study by Harvard Business School found the majority of consumers trust reviews more when they see a mix of good and bad feedback.

Bad Reviews Help in Purchase Choices

In addition to increasing consumer trust in your brand, Negative reviews offer buyers an actual image of what they could expect from your products and service.

Among the largest difficulties of eCommerce is supplying potential clients with a realistic suggestion of just what items are like.

As well as among the major factors customers reviews is bad not because the product was bad, but due to the fact that it didn’t fulfill assumptions. Bad reviews can assist with that.


Bad reviews, Negative reviews

Action 1: Don’t Panic!

Negative reviews are not that negative and also they could really help your organisation.

Action 2: Release Your Negative Reviews

Stand up to need to eliminate Bad reviews.

It’s natural to have some dissatisfied clients, and also publishing your bad reviews reveals you have absolutely nothing to conceal.

It in fact makes people trust your Good reviews even more.

Publish your Negative reviews on site– it reveals you have nothing to conceal!

Action 3: Respond To Bad Reviews Publicly

Handel your Bad reviews with

Show that you appreciate the issue and have settled it with a public action.

Clients pay attention to how you respond to mistakes and also issues, as well as they keep in mind the outcomes.

Instance of reacting to Bad reviews

Study reveals that resorts that reply to negative reviews in fact see a huge lift in income, an excellent consumer retention method.

Action 4: Gain From Negative Product & Service Reviews

Is there anything you can learn about your products or service from the negative feedback?

Stop poor business reviews at the source by resolving any type of core problems.

This might be as straightforward as refining the content on your product web pages or as radical as terminating an item.

Action 5: Subsequent

Make certain to follow up after the reality to make certain the consumer is happy with the resolution of their problem.

They will be thankful for your dedication as well as eventually bear in mind a favorable online purchasing experience instead of the negative one.

3 Best Ways to Combat Bad Reviews

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: the vast majority of reviews are good reviews.

Our data shows that only 14% of reviews aren’t 4 or 5 stars. So you don’t have to worry too much about getting bad ratings and reviews.

Only 14% of reviews are 3 stars or less.

1. Make the review process mobile-friendly

avejana in mail form technology

Avejana has collected millions of reviews, as well as 56% of those were written on mobile phones.

This indicates if you intend to collect more reviews, you’re going to need to see to it it’s simple for consumers to write reviews on the move.

If you make it super-easy for your clients to write, send and also share reviews from their phone or tablet computer, you’ll get more reviews.

2. Offer incentives for reviews

When your customers create a testimonial for you, they’re doing you a support, so it only makes sense to settle them. Services that offer tiny incentives– like a discount coupon or promo code– for creating reviews, see a big bump in the volume of reviews they get as well as it aids with gauging customer interaction.

3. Ask for reviews on the most expensive products

As the price of an item goes up, so does the number of reviews it has.

To ensure you’re obtaining as several reviews as possible, make sure you’re asking for reviews on your most expensive items. If a consumer purchases numerous items in an order, increase the opportunities of getting reviews and Increase conversion rate  by asking them for feedback on the most expensive ones.


Negative reviews is not bad you can say easily after reading this blog. According to Forbes and bad reviews is good  thing For E-commerce store . You can easily understand your business negative points and you can remove them . Review are playing major role in conversion rate . 82% buyer buy a product after reading reviews and rating . Google reviews is also important for a organization .

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