Boost Retention.

Build Relationships with Customers.

Retain Customers & Increase Repeat Purchases

Bring Buyers back to make Repeat Purchases

Increase your interaction with the buyer after he has made a purchase. Engage with them to build a strong top of the mind recall for your business.

Improve Loyalty and Life time value

Give them discount rewards for letting you know their experience at your store. Get them back to the store and improve repeat purchases.

customer retention avejana

Respond to Customers

With AveJana you can respond to Customer Reviews. Your responses let customers know that you listening and that you care. They help build a relationship with customers.

customer Q&A avejana

Answer Last Minute queries

AveJana’s Q&A feature lets visitors ask the questions that are keeping them from buying the product and becoming your customers. You can answer those questions and help them convert.

avejana retain customers coupons

Reward Customers and Increase Repeat Purchases

Reward your customers for giving their reviews by giving them Coupons. It not only gets your more reviews, but also helps increase repeat purchases as customers come back to redeem coupons.

Start Increasing Repeat Purchases Now!

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