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increase share of voice

aveJana’s Network helps your User Generated Content Marketing take wings. Collecting good content is just the first step. Next is using it effectively to improve conversions and sales. You can do this my sharing it on your website, on your social pages AND by sharing it with all your partner retail websites. For eg: You may be selling your product on your own website and 100 other websites. Using aveJana you can build a private network to share content with these partners almost real-time.

aveJana’s super strong platform comes with in-built capabilities to share content to your partners on the network. It enables you to increase your share of voice where it matters the most, the point of sale.

Get on the network!

Some of your partners may already be on. Invite others who are not!

We will do the rest as we put you all on a common thread.

Higher Sales & Conversions for both you and the partners

avejana network


and connect everywhere

What if you were able to respond to customer reviews and questions anywhere your product is sold? Well stop imagining and hop on to aveJana. Because we have already done it for you. Once you enable the network and create your own private network, you will be able to respond to customer reviews and customer questions anywhere on the network almost instantly.

Create a high degree of connections with your customers as well as see a solid improvement in conversions and sales across the network.

Leverage the Amazing Power of Networks!

  • First Sight

    Shopper writes a review or asks a question about a product

  • Information flow

    Review or question flows to your aveJana dashboard, straight from the partner website

  • Care & Response

    You respond to the user's review or question. The response flows back to the partner website and starts showing up below the relevant review or question. Depending on your network agreements, the content flows to all or specific partners. Creating highly relevant responses for all to see everywhere on the network.

  • Magic happens!

    Conversion rates jump up as relevant responses greet all future consumers. Existing consumers feel special and the bond becomes stronger.

  • Love Blossoms!

    Sales increase on the entire network as more relevant information flows to all partners. Interactions with past consumers are displayed and become an essential source of information for future consumers, thus providing a permanent lift to your conversion rates.

Hop on to the Network Today!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

— Henry Ford

At aveJana we  & Care

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