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Trust = Sales

Consumer generated content marketing helps build trust with customers. Consumers trust the voice of other consumers more than they trust brand advertisements. Use your reviews to let them know what other customers are saying and help them make a better choice.

Tipping Point

Sometimes there is just that one nagging question that stops consumers from hitting the checkout button. Consumer generated content can help a great deal in helping consumers reach the tipping point as they benefit from reading the experience of other consumers.

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You are doing great stuff so take pride and showcase your consumer generated content to the world. Spread the cheer of your consumers by sharing their reviews on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Keep your social pages fresh and enjoy the network effect as your best reviews go places.

Social Push

Can you have your cake and eat it too? Yes! aveJana comes integrated with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Choose your best reviews and share them on your social pages to drive more high quality traffic to your website and see conversions take a jump.

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