Magento Review Extension for Website. Increase Sales & Conversions Instantly!

Generate more reviews for your Magento Store, drive qualified traffic, improve conversions and sales!

Specially made Review Extension for Magento.

AveJana is a specially made Magento review extension.

Install and Configure in less than 2 minutes. Start generating tons of reviews.

Automate Magento Ecommerce Review Collection.

AveJana Magento Review Extension automates your review generation. AveJana will automatically send review invitation emails to your customers a few days after delivery of their order.

Simple and Easy to Understand.

Our dashboards are clean and easy to understand. Only the most important information gets displayed so you don’t spend too much time figuring things out.

For those looking for additional information we have advanced sections separately.

A Powerful Review Extension for Magento Stores!

9x More Reviews

The best Magento Review Extension for Magento Ecommerce reviews. aveJana helps you generate up to 9x more reviews than an ordinary review widget.

It automates review generation, adds smart reminders and makes it super easy for your customers to submit their reviews.

Inmail Form Technology.

Inmail Forms have always been a tough nut to crack. But we have cracked it with our Inmail form Review Invitations. Now your customers can add reviews within the email invitation itself.

The result is low drop off rates and high review conversion rates as more customers submit reviews than ever before. More reviews, More Conversions for your business.

Helps Drive More Qualified Traffic

Use your Magento Ecommerce Reviews to drive more qualified traffic to your website.

The aveJana Magento Review Extension uses our 3SEO technology that enables search engines to easily crawl your reviews. This opens up your store to thousands of long tail keywords. Combined with Google Rich snippets and regular fresh content on pages in the form of reviews, this brings in tons of qualified traffic to your website.

Share Your Best Reviews with Your Fans

aveJana Magento Review Extension is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. So you can directly share your best reviews on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Keep your social pages fresh, increase the reach of your best content, drive more traffic and conversions.

Get Transparent Pricing with AveJana.

  • Free Plan
    Free monthly
    • Review Generation
    • 75 Review Requests
    • Automatic Mail After Purchase
    • Respond to Reviews
    • Review Display
    • Product Reviews Widget
    • Enable Star Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate with AveJana?

Just sign up and login to your account. Once you login our Installer will help you install the AveJana Magento Review Extension on your website with ease. It generally takes less than 2 minutes to install AveJana.

What happens to my old reviews?

All your old and existing reviews can be imported into AveJana with the Pro Gallop plan.

Just share your old reviews with us in a CSV file and we will have them added to your AveJana account.

What languages does AveJana support?

AveJana supports all languages. However, we require your support for certain translations that may be required for your particular language.

If a customer has ordered multiple products, how many emails are sent to him?

AveJana sends only one email per order. If there are multiple products in the order then all of them are added one after the other in the review invitation email.

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