Why Customer Reviews Are So Important For Business

With more than 90% of online Customers saying that they read a review before buying a product online the importance of customers reviews has never been greater.

Customers reviews have shown to increase conversion rates of online stores by an average 100% and in some cases even up to 600%. It is therefore no surprise that almost every online store today wants to generate as many customer reviews as possible.

Customers Reviews

The importance of customers reviews for an online business can be gauged from the following:

1. Customers reviews increase sales instantly:- 

Reviews have a huge impact on conversion rates. A store that has an adequate number of customer reviews sells more.

2. Customers reviews help understand the customer better:- 

Customer reviews help an online business understand what is working the best for a customer and where improvements are required. In an online business between the purchase of the product and the delivery, there are many steps. For an online store owner who rarely gets to talk, let alone meet a customer, it is not possible to know which of these are making the customer happy and where there is a scope of improvement. By requesting reviews from customers an online store can find out what is working and what may need an improvement. Thus, improving the overall experience of customers.

3. Reviews help influence more customers:-

Today a powerful Review generation engine like aveJana can help online stores influence their potential customers with the help of reviews. Such strong review generation engines not only help online stores generate up to 10 X more reviews but also help online stores utilize these reviews efficiently to increase sales. For example, you can share your best reviews on your Facebook and Twitter pages right from the AveJana dashboard of your account, influencing potential customers.

4. Reviews help stock better:- 

Reviews help online businesses understand which products are more liked by the customer vs others. Therefore it can be a very handy tool to ensure better stocking of the store with items that customers like.

5. Reviews increase average order value:-

Research shows that reviews help improve average order values of stores by up to 30%. Thus a customer who is looking to buy something for say a $100 actually ends up buying an overall $130 worth of products on the website which has reviews .

While there are many other reasons why reviews are so important for an online business, the fact of the matter is that when 90% of your customers are reading reviews before they buy from you, you better have reviews. If you don’t then they will most likely go to another store which does have reviews. Thus impacting your conversion rates and sales.

Today automating review generation and collecting user generated content has become very easy with powerful systems like Avejana which automate the entire process of review generation for e-commerce stores. Take a look at Avejana here and give it a free trial. Sign-up with Avejana. There is a good chance that you will see an instant improvement in your conversion rates once you start showcase reviews on your website. The best part about such a system is that it takes less than five minutes to install. Go ahead try it out for yourself and see your sales increase.

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