generate more reviews.


Generate 9X more Reviews.

Our InMail Form Technology review invitation email tweaks email technology to let your users write and submit their reviews in the invitation email itself.

It is so amazing that from the time of opening the email to the time of review submission, the user clicks only once to submit his review. The result! Our solution helps you get up to 9x more reviews.

smart mail optimizer from avejana

Automated Mail After Purchase

AveJana’s smart Mail After Purchase system automates your review invitations. It automatically sends review request mails a few days after a user has purchased a product. However, you get to set when the reviews invitations should go, what the invitations should contain, et all.

AveJana helps you generate more Authentic Reviews than ever before.


Set Smart Mail Reminders

AveJana enables you to send automated reminders to customers who have not submitted their reviews. You can get full freedom to set when the reminders should go, giving you total peace of mind.


Get Higher Email Open Rates

Our crisp and simple looking email invitations are anything but simple at the back end. Our state of the art technology optimizes email delivery according to the email client being used by your consumers.  More users get your emails in a readable, easy to use format and you get more reviews when you use aveJana. So hop on!

Generate More Reviews for Higher Sales.

“I can live for two months on a good compliment”

— Mark Twain

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