Who owns the review data? Me or aveJana?

Its your data. So of course you own it 🙂 ! aveJana is a only providing solution for you manage and market all your user generated content. In case you want your reviews in an excel or csv file just shoot a mail to wecare@avejana.com. We will get them to you asap!

Can i import existing reviews to aveJana?

YES! Just send an email to our awesome support team at wecare@avejana.com. They will import your reviews in a jiffy.

Which platforms does aveJana support?

We currently support Magento 1x and WooCommerce. But we are quickly adding more platforms to the list.

Does aveJana work for Non CMS based websites

YES! If you are not on a CMS based website you can simply upload your sales data through a CSV file. aveJana’s system is very flexible and will handle all the rest.

Is there a free trial?

YES! Its 15 day Free Trial that requires absolutely no commitments.

Who controls the reviews on my website?

You do! It is a best practice to show all reviews on your website. But sometimes you may receive reviews that do not meet your internal guidelines. In such cases you can choose not to publish them by leaving it ‘Unapproved’.

Why are Questions not appearing in my Q&A tab?

Questions will appear in the Q&A tab once you reply to them. By putting this check in place we have ensured that spam questions do not end up on your website. In case you want it any other way, then let us know at wecare@avejana.com.

Where do the rejected reviews go?

The rejected reviews in the back-end so that your screen only has relevant information. However, we never delete them. You can ask us to pull them out for you. We are working on showing them on a separate page and shall be doing so soon.

Can I edit reviews?

It is not advisable to Edit reviews. We have given the option to Edit reviews in aveJana as sometimes excellent reviews can not be published because the customer has added personal information in a review, etc. Therefore, YES there is an option to edit reviews. But use it sparingly.

What if I receive a Bad Review?

Bad reviews or negative reviews are not necessarily bad for your business. Read our awesome 5 Step Guide on handling bad reviews http://www.avejana.com/bad-reviews/ . We recommend that you show bad reviews also. It improves the confidence of those reading the reviews. It also helps in making the store look more legitimate.


Can I customize the Widget to look like my website?

YES! The aveJana widget can be fully customized. Its a very flexible and easy to customize widget. You can do all sorts of changes to make it look exactly like you want.

Where do the reviews appear?

Reviews appear on the website of the online store using the aveJana solution. For eg: if abc.com is using aveJana for getting reviews from customers, the reviews will appear on the website of abc.com only.

Can the customers review any products or only the products they have purchased?

Your customers can review any products that are their on the website. For the products they have purchased, they will get an email asking for reviews.

Does aveJana have a ‘Verified Purchase’ feature?

Yes. For reviews that are received through email invitations, a ‘Verified Purchase’ option is displayed on the review widget next to the review.

How are the review invites initiated to our customers?

Once your website is integrated with aveJana, review invites are initiated automatically once a purchase has been made on your website. You can control when these review invites will go along with the timelines for reminders.

Can I import my Trustpilot reviews to aveJana?

Yes. Trustpilot reviews can also be imported to aveJana system. Just write to our amazing support team at wecare@avejana.com and they shall get it done.

If a customer purchases 10 products, how many emails are sent to him?

If a customer purchases multiple products in the same order, then only one email is sent to him/her with a request for review of all the products within that email.

Will a reminder mail be sent to a customer if he has already given the review?

No. A reminder will not be sent if the customer has already given the review.

How does aveJana handle configurable products in Magento? For eg: a product may have different sizes and color options. How are reviews handled for such different options?

The aveJana system automatically allocates the reviews to the main product. So that all the reviews show up at one place.

Are aveJana Reviews SEO boosting?

Yes. aveJana reviews in the Pro Gallop plan are SEO boosting. They also have rich snippets enabled on them.

What does aveJana do with my data?

aveJana uses your data to pr

How do I log in to my AveJana account?

Once you Sign up, you will receive an email from AveJana with your Username and Password details. It will also contain your secret URL. You have to use this secret URL to sign in to your AveJana account everytime. It provides your account with added security.

What do I get in the 14 day Free Trial?

You get access to all the features of AveJana’s top-end Pro Gallop Plan. Have a Question? Reach out to us via email or chat.

Is my data safe?

We take data security very seriously and perhaps more than any other competitor in the market. That is why we even give you a secret URL. You can login to your account only if you know this secret URL. Also, your data is stored securely in Amazon data centers. All your web interactions with AveJana are encrypted through SSL.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards online. If you would like us to accept any other form of payment then get in touch with us at wecare [at] avejana [dot] com.

I want to resell AveJana. Do you have a partner program?

Yes. We have an active Partner Program where we provide white label solutions to partners to resell. Get in touch with our team at wecare [at] avejana [dot] com for more information.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes. Just send us a note about your requirements at wecare [at] avejana [dot] com and we shall revert to you.

What all currencies can AveJana Support?

AveJana Supports all Currencies.

What Languages Does AveJana Support?

AveJana supports all languages. However, you may need to get in touch with the team to let them know your exact language requirements.

The submit button does not work when I send a test mail.

The submit button functionality does not work with a test mail. The test mail is to test the overall look and feel of the email.

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